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The single origins shown in the product image are some, but not all, of the options that are offered.

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Robusta Daklak

Robusta Daklak- coffee for the man Robusta coffee bean has half-round shape, typically 2 beans in 1 fruit with the middle platform line. Robusta has a main bitter and strong flavor but less scent. Brown drip, high density and less sour flavor. The caffeine portion is just enough to make the great coffee which is wide use for Vietnamese Robusta is suitable for man; the ones prefer the strong taste coffee

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Arabica- Typica

Typica, coffee for someone prefer strong, but smoothly and long lasting flavor. Bitter mix with a bit of sour with the sweetness flavor at the end. Product description Typical- coffee type with greatest history, this is the coffee type which was discovered in Kaffa of Ethiopia by the goatherd centuries ago. Then Typica beans was brought to America by the French Navy solder back in 1700’. Typica is the source of other favorite coffee such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, San Ramon, Pache, Villalobos, Java & Jember….v.v… Vietnam typica nowadays is most grown in Cau Dat, Dalat City. Typica coffee tree may reach the height of 3.5-4 meter. However this typica has low productivity . For any inquiries regarding its prices, please contact:. 01234 120 588

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Arabica Son La Size 18

Son la located in the northwest of Vietnam with many mountains surrounding the basin, coffee and tea are grown along the side of the mountain or on top of the hill which has the height about 600m above sea level, on the red soil limestone with high fertility. Despite of the height of Son La is not a perfect location for coffee, but it location is similar to Minas Gerais Sao Paulo of Brazil. The only difference is that they located in 2 differences places, the north and south hemisphere. It’s hot and high level of rain in summer, dry and cold in winter. Coffee plant here is well grown and high productive. There are 3 main zone for coffee in this province which show in the report in 2009 which are Son La City (1515 ha), Mai Son (1489) and Thuan Chau (385ha), till now the statistic may change dramatically, Mai son District has the campaign expanding coffee and tea, all agriculture land area is 1005 ha, included 900 ha coffee land, but now the land for coffee and tea may reach 1200 ha. According the district leader, due to the raise in coffee price, number of people has destroyed the forest to growing coffee and this data has not been recorded. Refer to the report of Mr. Đoàn Triệu Nhạn, senior advisor of VICOFA.

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Vietnam Phin (filter) Coffee

The single origins shown in the product image are some, but not all, of the options that are offered.

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Vietnamese coffee filters

Bat Trang Pottery Filter

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Drip/Pourover Coffee Set

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1 set $55.00

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